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Floridian Social Club says ‘concert schedule takes precedence over everything’ at St. Pete’s renamed State Theatre

RAY ROA APR 15, 2020 10 AM

It’s hard to even think about the return of live music during life under a stay-at-home order, but downtown St. Petersburg’s State Theatre got a new name last Monday. The Floridian Social Club introduced itself to Tampa Bay on April 6 in the form of an online sizzle reel. The clip traces 687 Central Ave.’s history as a bank, movie theater, historic site, and then as a concert venue that’s being reborn with a new moniker. All of it is happening under the guidance of Kevin Chadwick, a real estate lifer who by day is the Owner and Operating Principal of Keller Williams franchises in the Tampa Bay area. His 35-year role in the local real estate industry is what led Chadwick—also the 59-year-old Operating Principal of Floridian Social Club—to State.

In June 2018, a family trust run by Chadwick purchased State Theatre for $2.1 million after previous owners shut it down. The sale came less than a year after fire code violations and inspections at State led to a downsized crowd capacity, which the fire marshal eventually set at 600 in February 2018.

In a phone call with Creative Loafing Tampa Bay, Chadwick cleared the air and said that the Floridian Social Club—whose name is an homage to the the past and future of the historic local landmark—is an 800-capacity venue that would only have 200 seats, which means there will most definitely be general admission, standing room only options for concerts. Chadwick also spoke to the Floridian Social Club’s website, which said that Tuesdays through Thursdays would be “Lounge Nights” while concerts would happen on Friday and Saturday. That mix of concerts and lounge nights aims to activate the space for more than just shows, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be a concert there on a Tuesday.